Modernizing mineral economics through blockchain technology.

Ampersand Markets introduces an ecosystem that brings together miners, industrial buyers, and investors from the precious metals industry.

Streamlines the supply chain

opening both sides to players (Miners, Industrial Buyers, and Investors)

Opens up in-ground mineral economics

to wider audience by encapsulating the value of in-ground minerals through metals contracts, trade on the Ampersand Minerals Exchange.


by bringing together buyers and suppliers to the marketplace.

The Vaulted Silver Token

Silver Supply

  • Silver suppliers provide verified physical silver.
  • Physical silver is sent to a vault.
  • Silver is staked to create a Ampersand vaulted silver token.


  • Vaulted Silver Tokens are purchased by investors.
  • Capital flows from buyers to suppliers.


  • We intend to provide liquidity for the vaulted silver tokens on secondary markets.

Our Vision for Minerals

Modernize the in-ground minerals marketplace by building a platform to tokenize the mineral contracts on blockchain and build minerals exchange to provide liquidity.

Ampersand Markets is modernizing the minerals marketplace.

Who is Ampersand built for?

Steamers, Industrial Buyers, Investors, and Traders

The participants in the metals and mining vertical benefit from enhanced liquidity.


Ampersand allows Streamers to create liquidity for their contracts. They can then realize additional profits from fractionalizing their investments in mines.


Through Ampersand, investors benefit from mineral economics.

Industrial Buyers

Industrial Buyers benefit from improved pricing efficiencies in acquiring metals and minerals.

What is the opportunity with in-ground minerals?

In-ground minerals are priced below spot price because they don’t factor in the cost of production, delivery or refinement. Never before have general investors have access to these prices. The well known futures exchanges of the world don’t encapsulate minerals in the ground.

Our Team

Dr. George Sarkis Caleel

CFO, Chairman of the Board

Satya Avala

CEO, Founder

Nikolas Nemickas


Patti Adams

Executive Assistant

Kasi Kalidindi

Senior Architect

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Regulatory and Legal

Ampersand Markets strives to be a benchmark in regulatory compliance. The tokenization of assets as commodities and providing a compliant exchange will only proceed with acceptable permissions from regulatory agencies.